10 ways to Love Yourself by "Yasmin Kademian"

Thank you for giving yourself this moment of reading. Just a piece of advice: If you feel good with yourself, everything else won´t matter

That is why today I remind you of 10 habits to Love Yourself.

" Do you know how special you are? You deserve love just for being alive. Think about it, with a hand on your heart ... who are you going to be with forever? What if we practice taking care of ourselves? What if we love ourselves first?"

1. Compassion

You are enough just the way you are, so treat yourself kindly, with love and compassion.

2. Know Yourself

The more you know yourself, the more you love and accept every part of you.

3. Healthy Relationships

Everything in the Universe is energy. Consciously choose your tribe.

4. Conscious Feeding

Your body is your temple. Be aware of what you eat. Healthy body in a healthy mind.

5. Exercise

Dancing, moving, walking, running, jumping... the sky is the limit, choose the one you love and shake that body!   

6. Empower yourself

How many times do you boycott yourself?

Dare to reach your dreams and look in the mirror and say, I love you and I trust you.   

7. Relax Time

Meditation and relaxation are tools that allow us to connect with our internal teacher. In a calm state, all the answers and solutions emerge. In a calm state, we connect with creativity and with the intuition that guides us.   

8. Set Boundaries

Learn to say "No" and allow yourself to establish healthy limits. Do not hesitate to prioritize yourself because self-love is not selfish, it is a health exercise for physical, mental and emotional balance.   

9. Accept who you are

Stop talking bad about you, and just accept that you are in working process. You are a human being with flaws and many good things too, your own light and dark part.   

10. Responsibility

You are responsible for yourself. You have the power to make this present moment incredible and unique. Be in charge of your life, choose not to be emotionally dependent on anyone, provide yourself with love.

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