3 ways to clear your mind

Actualizado: 5 jun 2020

Living in constant movement, at the era of information, we may feel stressed and tired with no reason.

Our minds are constantly thinking, and most of the time we think the same thoughts that the day before over and over. We never stop and take a break to think clear of what we are doing, we just do it automatically.

To slow down and live the present moment, we need to be aware

3 ways that help clear your mind:

1. Sleep

Try to have a good quality and quantity of sleep. It is recommended for us to sleep seven to nine hours per night for optimal health and performance. Most people do not reach this level due to a busy schedule or an inability to fall asleep. During sleep, memories and information are processed and organized in the brain, so it is essential that you get enough sleep to achieve clarity.

2. Exercise regularly

Try to walk, swim, or jump rope occasionally to increase circulation of oxygen and glucose. Exercises help the brain function better. If you feel mentally stuck, an outdoor walk will help free your mind.

3. Eat Clean

Maintain a healthy diet. If you feel physically good, your mind will be able to work freely. Eat balanced, low-sugar, and portion-controlled meals every four to five hours throughout the day.

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